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Saleen and Steve Saleen are one again!

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Saleen and Steve Saleen are one again! Empty Saleen and Steve Saleen are one again!

Post by Danstang Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:03 am

The story of Saleen Inc has been much lamented in enthusiast circles over the past decade. In 2007 Steve Saleen left the company he started which was then followed by that company losing its way and eventually collapsing without a vision. Steve himself courageously started over with SMS Supercars and has continued to do what he does so well.

Today the saga has come full circle. The Saleen name and logo now once again fly at Steve’s office and on his cars. Steve Saleen, his family, and his team have announced today that the Saleen brand name is now theirs again.

“In 2007, it was a difficult decision to resign from Saleen, Inc.”, said Steve Saleen. “But I knew it had to be done in order to preserve the Saleen brand and to ensure the authenticity and high performance that our customers had come to expect.”

Most people who have followed know that Saleen Inc went into four years of disarray under multiple ownership changes, management changes, liquidations and churning out cars with Steve’s name on them but with little of his blessing. Across the country in Southern California, SMS Supercars began anew with the SMS 570 Challenger, SMS 302 Mustang and the SMS 620 Camaro.

But something was wrong. The enthusiast community who still felt a connection with the man himself and how his hand in the product made it right was missing something. At car shows around the country and forum boards the common think was that he’s just gotta get his name back – what’s happening just isn’t right.

In that way support for Saleen Inc in Michigan, owned by faceless investors lost all wind in their sails. The brand was not going to be supported by those who know better. And in a bad economy if your going to sell expensive toys, people have to love you. Last year that company stopped building cars.

And to that Steve says, “Although the Saleen brand is a huge part of my identity, I knew it was the vision and passion that would shine through on my signature vehicles. However, it couldn’t have been done without the support of the Saleen community. The foundation and inspiration that they gave me to move forward with my vision was what ultimately moved us to regain the Saleen branding. Most importantly the Saleen community gets their identity back as well.”

So what happens now? Well Steve’s cars will start saying Saleen on them again. The buildings at 2735 Wardlow Road in Corona will say Saleen on them. Additionally for all those who have wondered if the company was still alive or not, Steve says they have some new models coming soon.

Specifically, Steve says 4V, SC, SSC, and X Models of the 2013 Mustang are on the way in addition to new Camaro and Challenger based models. Additionally the company says that they plan to make available all 1984 to current aftermarket, replacement and warranty parts through dealers. Give them a little time to get ramped up before you call them

The best part is held for enthusiasts who supported Steve and his family company SMS Supercars. The Saleen Registry will be updated to include all SMS branded cars and current owners will be provided replacement Saleen badging for their cars effective immediately.

While this editor prides himself on being non-biased, balanced and all that, I admit seeing this announcement come across my desk this morning with the Saleen logo at the top brought a tear to my eye. I’ve been a Saleen owner, enthusiast and have watched Steve, his wife Liz and their children build the company up over the decades.

Watching it all unravel in the past five years I knew had to be very difficult on them, let alone the hole it left out in the world of enthusiasts. When I visited their new SMS facility in 2010 I had a feeling that things might just turn around. I saw a resolute, determined but cautious Steve Saleen showing that rare gleam in his eye when his hand is on the fender and he’s happy about his product.

Today is a good day for Steve Saleen and his family. Today is a good day for the Mustang realm. Congratulations to all.

Saleen and Steve Saleen are one again! DSCN2293-1

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Saleen and Steve Saleen are one again! Empty Re: Saleen and Steve Saleen are one again!

Post by Eturner Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:42 pm

I'm glade he got control of his company back!...
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