4TH of july party

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4TH of july party

Post by ljwhite174 on Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:13 pm

Tina (ridethepony) and Nick (hawkmech) will be hosting a 4Th of July party at there house on Saturday July 7th, She has asked that people show up between 4pm and 5pm, her and Nick are providing the meat for the BBQ, they ask that everyone bring a side dish,chips and sodas to drink and it is B.Y.O.B. I will be at Ryans at 4pm for those who do not know how to get to they're house, or message me and i can get you the address. i will be leaving Ryans at around 4:45pm to head over there. hope to see you all saturday, i will be doing our meeting for that night at the party,


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