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Quick tech ?

Post by John and michelle on Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:51 pm

Hey guess i just got my 86 stang running again. I know for a fact there is nuthing wrong with the engine or water pump. Im having an cooling problem. On the interstate it stays around 190 which is great. Thats doing 75 - 80 mph with the a/c on. When im off the interstate in stop and go or just doing the speed limit it will get up to as high as 230 degrees. The motor is fine, it runs good. Its an 331 stoker motor by the way. I have an 2 core aluminum radiator, an electric 16 in puller and 2 12 in pushers on the front and an 180 degree thermostat. I feel its not getting enough airflow at normal driving but not sure. Should i up the thermostat to an 195 or what. guys with the foxes help me out here.
John and michelle
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