Awesome deal on tires!

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Awesome deal on tires!

Post by TERRY PHINNEY on Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:06 am

So wed. on hwy 190, A guy pulls out in front of me with a trailor he had just unloaded at the scrap yard in Baptist. Well, small metal chunks started falling off the trailor and i hit a couple, ripping a couple tires. oh joy!!
Found any unbelieveable price on 4 bridgestone 255/40/17 at Roadrunner in walker. I will not say the price but it is sick!!!! He has one more set ! Ask for James and tell him Dwayne and Terry from Stingers sent you. If You need a set , don't pass these up. Over 200.00 a tire on tirerack, u will not believe this price! santa
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6 Cylinder

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